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Seven Seas Yachts was founded in 2011...

With one purpuse in mind:

"To produce yachts that excel in every aspect of yacht design and production."

After 3 years of research and development, Seven Seas Yachts has created a new revolutionary yacht series that delivers unprecedented levels of performance, efficiency and seaworthiness. The yachts are based on our patented Amfihull®, on their sleek design which features an ultra-low profile and on engineering innovations such as our patented EDS® driveline system. The combination of all these gave birth to a legendary series of yachts.

A lot of research has been directed towards developing the perfect hull for our yachts.


Our main concern was achieving the best performance from the hull regarding its efficiency and seaworthiness while at the same time it had to be strikingly beautiful.



We were successful at all counts. The hull’s performance characteristics are truly staggering:

First of all, it has a very low drag resistance which allows the use of smaller engines than similar sized boats while still being faster than its competitors. It features a really steep entry cutting the waves with an entry angle of 72 degrees that in combination with the rest of the hull, ensures a very soft ride with no pounding as the boat cuts through the waves. Furthermore the boats maintain at all cruising speeds very low trim angles between 2 and 2,8 degrees. Unlike other motor boats, there is no specific speed at which they transition to plane. Instead as the speed increases, they gradually come out of the water maintaining a nearly horizontal attitude at all times. In these boats there is no hump coming on plane. This means that one can cruise at any speed from as low as 5 knots up to the boat’s maximum speed.

The boats also feature tremendous stability characteristics due to their extremely low center of gravity. They are very stable when cruising and are able to recover from heeling angles as big as 98 degrees. These are numbers that can only be compared with those from sail boats.

Every yacht in the line will provide a legendary combination of effortless performance, magnificent ride, exceptional economy and ease of handling.

The consumption figures demonstrate that all of our yachts has consumptions that are half and in some cases nearly one third of those of its competitors, claiming the title of  "THE MOST EFFICIENT PRODUCTION YACHTS IN THE WORLD”.

At Seven Seas Yachts we share construction techniques with world class competitive boat builders and racers. Technology that is modern. Technology created for today’s concerns. In order to ensure the rigidness and reliability of the hull, it is constructed using the very latest building technologies. E-glass fibers reinforced with aramid and vinyl ester resins in a sandwich construction with AIREX® foam core for the whole structure produces the strongest and most durable structure of any fiberglass vessel made today. Vinyl ester resins protect against osmotic blistering and due to the elasticity of the fiberglass, reduce the chances of crazing or spider cracking. Another advantage of this process is virtually no VOCs are released into the atmosphere during the infusion process making this the most environment friendly construction method.


s56 ext02.jpg

Attention to the smallest detail...

"The building process of our vessels is characterized by absolute attention to detail."

Our philosophy is based on attention to detail, performance and quality standards, in order to produce boating excellence. We strive to achieve the ideal balance of tradition and technology, a philosophy that was gloriously captured with the introduction of our first models, all stunning designs from the drawing boards of the Seven Seas Yachts team.

We take pride in providing a very personalized friendly service and believe that listening to the customers' wants and identifying their needs is all important. From molding the hull to applying the name, a Seven Seas Yacht is entirely created by skilled craftsmen. There is no compromise. Every installation is meticulously engineered. Every stage of the build is monitored to the most exacting standards to give you the dependability that inspires the confidence to venture far offshore.

But Seven Seas Yachts doesn’t stop here. We never stop looking to the future. Our professional team is constantly researching and developing new models that break new ground in the yachting market.

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A new era started in 2015

In 2015 we started developing the Venus Speedster.


Starting from our patented Amfihull® we started developing the Venus Speedster. A classic runabout with traits reminiscent from the 1959 Porsche 356* and the gentleman-style runabout boats of the 30s’.

Staying true to our principals, we started the production of the Venus Speedster in 2017. 

The Venus Speedster was loved by the press and has been featured in many publications, while it was also awarded as Boat of the Year in 2018.

Since then, numerous Venus Speedsters have been sold all around the world. 

We managed to succesfully combine the unique retro design with the innovative performance characteristics of our Amfihull and a superb building quality. 

The Venus Speedster is the epitome of luxury and style...

We continue to work hard in order to ensure that  the above statement continues to be true. 

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